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How To Care For Your Feet During Winter

Patients often ask how to take care of your feet this winter so we are writing this blog to address some of the concerns associated with the colder temperatures and your feet. Many of you have already put your flip-flops and sandals away for the winter. If you haven’t make sure you wear them on milder days when there is no snow and the temperatures are high. Athletic shoes, sneakers and other cloth types shoes should also be avoided. Here are a few more suggestions on how to take care of your feet this winter:

Boots and Seasonal Foot Wear

Make sure your footwear fits properly. You should be able to wiggle your toes but not your heel, instep or the ball of your foot. Wear orthotics to help support these areas. If you wear ice skates or ski boots extra precaution should be made to make sure they control your foot’s movement. Don’t buy large size shoes and boots for your kids hoping to get two seasons out of them. Properly fitting footwear will prevent blisters and sprained ankles. Make sure your winter footwear has good gripping soles so you don’t slip on ice or snow. Socks that are too snug can also cause corns or blisters. Ask your podiatrist which shoes and socks are recommended when asked how to take care of your feet this winter.

Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

Wearing thick socks and boots will help keep you warm and dry this winter. The problem occurs when your feet begin to sweat or when you get your feet wet and don’t change your socks right away. Bacterial and fungal infections like damp, warm areas. Consider using foot powder and make sure you clean your feet well each night.

Pretend You’re In Sandals

Most people pay particular attention to their feet in the summer. We all want to make sure our feet look nice and clean when we wear sandals. In the winter it is just as important to care for your feet as in the summer. Dry and cracked feet will become sore this winter. Applying moisturizer and keeping your feet clean will go a long way towards keeping them comfortable. You can ask your podiatrist at Crown Foot and Ankle which moisturizers will offer the most protection during the winter months. Trim and care for your nails just like you would during the summer months.

Walk Softly

The cold weather can lead to slippery and potentially dangerous walkways. Avoid any sudden movements when walking and walk softly. Ankle sprains and ligament tears are common during the winter months. If you are a runner, don’t try to take long strides to avoid slipping. Try to run at a normal gate and avoid slippery ice or snow.

How To Take Care Of Your Feet This Winter

Crown Foot and Ankle is available to help with all your foot care needs. If you have questions about how to take care of your feet this winter or your need to make an appointment for a specific foot problem or disease, please call our office and we will be happy to help you.

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