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Why Are My Feet Swelling?


We often get calls from patients asking, “why are my feet swollen?” Swollen feet are common for many people. In most cases there is no reason to be concerned. Examine your feet to determine if both feet are involved or just one. If you have injured your foot, most of the time it will result in just one foot being swollen. Look to see if your foot has changed color or if it’s hot to touch. Here are some common causes of swollen feet and ankles:

Edema – standing or walking too much can cause your feet to swell. Often putting your feet up in a position above your heart will cause the swelling to go away. If you are concerned about an underlying condition or your swelling does not go away, you should notify your doctor.

Pregnancy – many mothers-to-be experience swelling during pregnancy. If the swelling occurs spontaneously during the later part of your pregnancy, you could be experiencing preeclampsia. This is a serious medical condition involving high blood pressure and protein in your urine. You should call your OBGYN right away and follow their advice.

Medications – Many medications have swollen feet and ankles as a side effect. The list includes some of the following medications: anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones, medicines for diabetes, anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive drugs and cardiac medicines. If you’re not sure if your swelling is related to your medications, you should see your doctor.

Disease – Swelling in the feet and ankles is often a symptom of an underlying disease. Common diseases that cause your feet to swell include: congestive heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure. Swollen feet are also a symptom of Gout.

Infections – If you notice any laceration you may have an infection in your foot. This often involves only one foot. A small cut from something as small as a splinter can cause the whole foot and leg to swell. You will notice the foot appearing red and warm to the touch. You will need antibiotics in most cases to fight the infection.

Injuries – foot injuries like a sprained ankle or broken foot will swell. You will have pain when you place weight on the foot too. A sprained ankle can often be treated at home with rest, ice, compression bandage and elevating the foot. A broken foot or ankle needs more attention.

Lymphedema – If you have a problem with your lymph nodes or lymph vessels, then you may have trouble retaining lymph fluid. This happens in many cancer patients.

Blood Clots – If you have a blood clot, it may present with swollen feet and a localized pain. You should seek medical advice right away if you think you have a blood clot.

Why Are My Feet Swollen?

If you are concerned about swollen feet, it is important that you determine what the causes are. Don’t ignore the symptom of swollen feet as it might be related to other medical conditions and could be a sign you need emergency care. Some causes of swollen feet can be addressed in our office. We can also help you manage swollen feet if this is a chronic problem. If you have questions about swollen feet or ankles call Crown Foot & Ankle Center of Lexington today – 859-317-9019.

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