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Foot Care As You Age

February 01, 2016

shutterstock_368641421Foot Care as you age is an important part of your overall health. Many people believe pain in the feet is a part of aging. The truth is, with over 300 foot ailments, many are treatable. Some foot problems are a part of aging and some are inherited. Foot pain can lead to knee, hip and lower back pain. Many times problems with the feet are an indication of a chronic disease that shouldn’t be left untreated.

Your Foot As You Age

As you age, you may notice swelling in your feet as blood pools in the veins. Your arches will tend to flatten and your toes may curl due to muscle imbalance. You can expect your muscle tissue to thin and your nerves in your feet may not send the electrical impulses they once did. Bunions may develop or you may start experiencing other foot problems. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, you may start to experience foot numbness or pain.

Symptoms Of Health Issues

As we age, foot problems often show up in the form of severe pain, extremely dry skin, thick or discolored toenails, redness, swelling or nerve sensations. Iron deficiency and anemia can be seen in the toenails as they curve in. Foot swelling may be a sign of circulatory problems, kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure. Tingling or numbness may be an indication of diabetes or nerve damage. Often your feet will show a sign of disease long before you are diagnosed. People who are overweight will also experience more pain, as the pressure on their feet is greater. This can cause lower back pain and pain in your knees or hips.

Foot Care As You Age

If you are experiencing foot problems, pain or swelling it is important to see your doctor or podiatrist right away. Foot problems can occur from years of wear and tear and lack of proper foot care. You can avoid pain and infections by taking good care of your feet. Make sure you practice good foot care by doing the following:

  • Wear proper shoes for support and comfort
  • Wash your feet daily
  • Clip your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Don’t remove calluses or other growths with a sharp razor or object

Proper Shoes As You Age

Your feet will change sizes as you age. They will tend to flatten and some of the fatty cushion on the bottom will disappear. It is important now more than ever that you choose the correct shoe size. Look for shoes that are firm in the sole with a soft upper. Make sure there is plenty of toe room and that the width is broad enough. Shop for shoes in the afternoon because your feet will swell during the day. Having good fitting shoes will be more comfortable and offer you the support you need to prevent falls and keep your feet healthy.

Foot Care As Your Age

Crown Foot and Ankle is here to help you with all your foot care needs. Our friendly staff can help diagnose your foot problem and give you the proper treatment to ensure better health and more comfort. Don’t suffer with foot pain when you can resolve the issue and experience better health overall. Developing proper foot care as you age can prevent many of the issues your feet might develop.

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